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Striped Ball Python
Striped Ball Python

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The Most Passionate
and Best Informed Book
about Children and Snakes.

Based on hands on experience right from a child who was so dedicated in learning everything he possibly could about which snake would make a great pet for children. My son knew he was always fascinated with snakes, and to tell you the truth, as his mom, I was a bit intrigued about snakes myself.

This is a practical, easy to read and understand book about snakes and kids. One of the most detailed books you�ll ever read, It will completely change any parents mind about letting their child own a snake as a pet. Best Snakes For Kids book will educate kids interested in learning more about snakes and all the different species of snakes. Helpful guide for deciding which snake would be great beginner snake for your child.



Boa Constrictor
Boa Constricto

Granite Ball Python
Granite Ball Python

Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Brazilian Rainbow Boa


Morph Fire Ball Python
Morph Fire Ball Python

John is a 9 year old boy that was doing a snake project for school. Everyone had to chose an animal, John of course chose snakes. He became so carried away with what a great pet a "Snake" can make for a kid, he decided to research it extensively and write a book about it with the help of his mom.

This book is about Snakes, the many different species of snakes and the best species of snakes that can make a wonderful pet for your child. My teachers and my mom suggested that I turn my school project into a book because it was so informative. And there is no book like this out there that talks about snakes and kids!

My readers will enjoy this book as it will help so many people, kids and parents realize that snakes do make great pets and are so easy to care for. You can leave for weeks and not worry about your snake. They can and sometimes do, go weeks without eating.

Snakes are very docile creatures and very tolerant of humans. People perceive snakes totally wrong, and my book will enlighten you about all the pleasures of owning a snake.



Why did you write the book?
To expose the real truth about snakes and how docile most of them really are. And a snake really does make an excellent pet for a kid, with not too much work involved. They are really easy to care for! Snakes are interesting and teach us alot about
the animal world and nature at it's finest.

What is the story line?
That snakes really do make excellent pets for kids. Not all species of snakes, but at least 2-3 species.

Will there be another in the series?
Yes, there will be many more series regarding different pets I own or have owned.

Who do you think will enjoy it?
Kids and parents will love this book, it's suited for all ages.

Do you come from a writing background?
My mom is a song writer, she writes music and lyrics

How can people contact you?
On my Contact page

Available in e-book and  soft cover on our Order Your Book Page

Ivory Ball Python
Ivory Ball Python

Pastel Ghost Morph Ball Python
Pastel Ghost Morph Ball Python

Ball Python
Ball Python



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