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This popular awesome book about snakes and kids is the best book I have ever read about the topic. Children love snakes and this book has let me know everything I always wanted to know about how a snake will react to my child, and the best species of snake to buy for beginners. Thank you John Ferris you are a great little author. Debbie Hill from California

I was blown away because I was looking for a book like this for 2 years now and never even found anything close to it. Thank god I stumbled across this book "Best Snakes for Kids".  It has answered all my questions and was quite thorough. It helped me in making a very important decision. We now own 3 snakes.  thank you John. Teresa N.Y

My 12 year old son has been bothering me for almost a year to buy him a snake. I said no way I never really cared for snakes. He actually brought me home this book, after he read it. He then asked me to read it. I did. Well it was so interesting, I bought my son 2 corn snakes. And I love them. Thanks for sharing your information and knowledge to all of us. Kimberly Catanzarro Florida

I think what you did in publishing this book is amazing. it is so informative and covers everything possible to learn about snakes with kids. We have 3 kids and each of them now have snakes because of your book. Thank you so much and please keep them coming. David and Laura Riley from Nevada

Hi I'm Jason 11 years old. Thank you thank thanks you for writing this book. My parents now have finally let me have a snake for my Birthday and it was because of your book. You are a great writer and the book was so good. thank you Jason from Canada

I just want to say if it wasn't for your book best snakes for kids my mom would have never let me have a snake in the house. This book has changed the way my parents think completely.
Marissa Jameson from Indiana

I have read your book and couldn't be happier with all the very important information regarding kids and snakes. Of course as first like any parent I was reluctant, but once I read your book I then saw snakes in a different prospective. We now have a snake and I find myself taking him out of his tank and holding him all the time. Gina and Mike Dellson from Washington DC

Geeez All I can say is that this book changed the way my mom and dad think . My name is Brianna and all my life I have wanted a snake, but my parents were dead set against it because they never really knew the truth about snakes and that certain snakes really do make great pets until they read your wonderful book. I am the proud owner of a ball python. Thanks again. Brianna from New Hampshire

I am a grandmother that is raising my 8 year old grandson. He has wanted a pet snake since he was 3 years old. I have recently found this book online after looking to see if snakes really do make good pets for kids. And all I will say without giving the book away is that this was the best book I have read because it really does give you straight honest answers. I now purchased 2 little baby cornsnakes and my grandson is so happy. Very Grateful in Georgia, Hanna Lester

this author is a fine young man. He has written a book that means so much to me. My name is Brian I am 13 years old and I want to tell the author John Ferris that you are the Best . I read your book, my older brother read your book and my parents read your book and now we have 3 snakes that are like our kids. That's the way mom and dad treat them. Brian, New Jersey

I wanted a snake so bad I used to take home worms, or garden snakes and my mom would have a fit. I found your book on the computer I asked her to buy it for me she did. This book has totally changed my mom's outlook on snakes. And it will yours too, just pick up a copy, you will love reading this book.
Mike D. Indiana

I never was an avid lover or admirer of reptiles, let alone snakes but I have read Best Snakes For Kids and it was such an amazing book, loaded with lots of interesting information. I know am the proud owner of 3 snakes, 1 corn snake, 1 ball python, and 1 red tail boa. And I love all of them.
Thanks Mr. John for writing such a great book.
Tommy Teservardious Long Island, New York

I have been fighting with my son and daughter for 6 months as they brought snakes into our home. I gave the snakes away to a friend that is a lot more familiar with snakes and I told my kids I forbid them to bring another snake into this house. Well to my surprise I found your book on the table Best Snakes for Kids, I read it at work, I felt so bad about making my kids give their snakes away I IMMEDIATELY called that fellow that I gave the snakes to asking for them back. He did return them. And because of your wonderful book it has opened up my eyes to Reptiles and snakes in general and I have found that snakes do make good pets for kids. And this book tells you the different species of snakes and the best most easiest snakes for a child to handle. Thank you for writing it.
Barbara and Frank Sorenson from MN

This book is the best book out there if you want to learn about snakes and especially if you want a snake and just don't know which type of snake to get. I recommend this book to kids and adults as I am an adult that has always wanted a snake and this book has helped me to actually buy one. And I'm very happy with it. Pricilla Vellez TN

I have to say anyone that is reluctant about snakes or any beginner thinking about purchasing a snake this is the book for you. It's written by a bright young man and his mother that did so much extensive research about snakes. This mother son team put so much effort into this project I commend them both.
Maria and Joseph from Ohio

Hi I'm 9 years old and I have read your book. I enjoyed it very much and learned so much about snakes and the best snake for me. My mom let me buy a snake the other day and I want you to know it's working out great. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Danielle Baker in North Carolina

My son Peter was driving me crazy about buying him a snake. I was dead set against it. Until I read your book best snakes for kids. It was very enlightening and it gave me just good advise because you guys did so much research went into this terrific book. Thanks so much for all the learning tips, we have 2 snakes now and love them.
Margaret Philip and my son Peter Lopez from PA

This book is a must get for any child or adult beginner wanting a snake. I am an adult 44 years old was always intrigued by snakes but never knew the right snake for me as a beginner. Since I have read your book, I bought my first snake last week and I can't wait to go home from work to play with him. His name is Herman. lol thanks again for a GREAT BOOK.!
Martin Solenski in Idaho

WOW THAT'S ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW.!! You helped mom and dad in there decision to buy me a pet snake. All I want to do is say you wrote a great book, and I love you.
Ricky Denomora and Family in Dallas, Texas

I am a 3rd Grade teacher and I have purchased your book for my students. They loved and enjoyed reading your book and would like to request that you come out with a series of books. You are a great author and the book was so very interesting and very informative. Thank you for your beautiful work.
Samantha Dubov, Wisconsin



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